Ballet Workshop

We, Life in Music, are very excited to let you know that we will be hosting a 10-day Ballet Workshop in collaboration with Ibn Khuldoon National School in May 2023. This workshop will provide an educational yet enjoyable event to all the attendees. The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Valeriy V.Astakhov, a Choreographer and a former performer of Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. At the end of the practice, there will be a live performance.

Date: May 1-10, 2023

Age: 6 – 14 years old

Fees: 100 BD for 10 days (Workshop & Performance)

Timing: 4-6 pm

Event Address: IKNS & Life in Music Contact us at 39231707/36798866 or

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St. Christopher Music Festival 2023

2023 St. Christopher Music Festival March 13-15, 2023

List of Participants:

1. Rayyan BinZaiman – Piano Level 1 (2nd Prize)
2. Ranim BinZaiman – Pre-Level
3. Nathan Hretsina – Instrumental Level 1 (2nd Prize)
4. Amal Dashti – Instrumental Level 2
5. Aithan Hretsina – Instrumental Level 2
6. Liya Noor Sharif – Piano Level 2
7. Nael Umali de Lara – Piano Level 2 (1st Prize)
8. Haya Al Hamad – Piano Advanced Level
9. Layan Al Hamad – Piano Advanced level
10. Rancheng Xu – Piano Advanced level
11. Sonya Lee – Piano Advanced level
12. Uma Sahinagic – Rock & Pop Level 3

Nathan Hretsina bagged Grand Prize Level 1 Instrumental category. Bravo!!!

Congratulations to all participants and Teachers, who work hard as always.
Ms. Olga Aoust
Ms. Eleanora Stanevich
Ms. Iryna Ulrikh
Ms. Valyantsina Kuzmiankova